The next generation of joint support:

Joint support directly integrated into athletic apparel.

Do you like

your brace?

One in three adults over the age of 25 experience joint pain - that's 70 million people in Canada and the United States. The solutions available to these people just don't cut it. Orthopaedic braces have barely changed in over 50 years. They are still bulky and heavy, they limit your range of motion, and they are incredibly uncomfortable to wear.

People have told us that instead of wearing a brace, they would rather leave it behind, risking further injury, or just give up activity all together. Both of these options are unacceptable.


We Wanted something Better

We are introducing the next generation of orthopaedic braces: joint support directly integrated into athletic apparel.


We have created the most natural feeling and functioning support by recreating the internal structures of your body, your muscles and ligaments. Embrace's support is completely invisible, while giving the wearer the ability to adjust for any instability or activity. 



Pain Relief


The most comfortable and most supportive bracing product on the market.

Our Story

Embrace was founded in June, 2017 by a group of individuals living with chronic knee pain. Frustrated by the products available to us, and with the skills to create a better alternative, we set out to build a better brace. But while getting out and talking to people, however, we quickly learned that they don’t want a better brace, they want the experience of living life without ever wearing one, so this is what we’re creating.

We have an amazing team that extends far beyond the office. Everyone we work with shares our vision, makes us stronger, and is along for the ride as we embrace the journey.


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