"Revolutionizing orthopaedic supports by introducing the next generation of athletic wear: one with integrated support"

The Problem

Technology used in today’s orthopaedic knee supports hasn’t changed in 50 years; still relying on bulky, rigid structures and hinges to provide stability and reduce pain. Problem is, these obtrusive designs cause discomfort by applying unnatural forces to your joints. It is for this reason that athletic clothing is trending towards providing compression and support.


Meet embrace

Zack Eberwein, BASc

Co-Founder & CEO


With experience in engineering and product design, Zack has developed world-class motion control products and manufacturing equipment.

Cameron Massullo, BSc, FMS

Co-Founder & CSO


As a Kinesiologist and Athletic Trainer, Cam has experience conducting academic research and training both amateur and professional athletes.

Scott Morgan, Olympian


Sales & Marketing

Scott represented Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games. He has also worked with Lululemon and Norco Bicycles in sales and marketing.

Embrace was founded in July, 2016 by a group of individuals living with chronic knee pain. Frustrated by the products available to us, and with the skills to create a better alternative, we set out to build a better brace. But while getting out and talking to people, we quickly learned that they don’t want a better brace, they want the experience of living life without ever wearing one, so this is what we’re creating.

We have an amazing team that extends far beyond the office. Everyone we work with shares our vision, makes us stronger, and is along for the ride as we embrace the journey.

Our Solution

Embrace relieves pain while ensuring that your joints are adequately supported, all while offering the lowest profile: right next to your skin. Support is invisible and adjustable, giving you complete control. Whether you’ve had an operation, have instability, or want to prevent an injury, we enable you to provide the level of support you need for whatever activity you’re doing.



Using compression helps relieves pain, allowing you to engage in any level of activity.

Active Rehabilitation

By promoting proper muscle feedback, allowing you to actively rehabilitate your injury.

All Day Comfort

Designed with a full range of motion to feel so natural that you forget you're wearing it.


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