Product Marketing Lead

At Embrace, we build products that fit, feel, and function just like the human body. We believe that everything that touches your skin should fit the way it’s supposed to, feel the way you want it to, and function the way your body was designed to. For us, this begins with joint support products that you never have to see, feel, or think about. We want you to feel like a superhero, not a patient. We want you to feel... like you. But a much cooler version of you. One capable of conquering the world, pushing your limits every day, and never risking a joint injury.


Founded in 2017, we are a young, dynamic company that is growing quickly! Our team is built from great friends, talented individuals, and hard workers. We’re looking for people who are excited to step out of their comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and learn something new every day. We want you to dream, innovate, and realize the things you can imagine. Sound like you? Excited? Perfect. Keep reading!


Start Date: November 2019

Compensation: Based on experience. Salary + Options.


Job Description:

As the lead of product marketing, you will work closely with company management including Product Development, Sales, and Operations to develop and execute marketing strategies. In this role, you can expect to work with our team, as well as individually contribute to many of the following:

  • Work closely with customers, Embrace’s product team, and other company leadership to develop marketing, acquisition, and incentive strategies that align with our vision and our customers.

  • Create and manage Embrace’s marketing budgets.

  • Work with Embrace’s team and customers to develop and integrate SEO strategies.

  • Identify the appropriate sales and marketing tools/software needed for product launch.

  • Develop and lead product launch campaigns.

  • Track revenues, eCommerce analytics, and content marketing traction.

  • Do whatever needs to be done to maintain alignment and deliver as a team.

  • Be a part of building a culture that encourages teamwork, growth, creativity, quality, and fun.




  • Significant experience identifying customer product needs and product-market fit 

  • Experience collecting and analyzing data on markets, competitors, and consumers to help develop marketing strategies.

  • Demonstrated understanding of Google Analytics and SEO integration.

  • Experience launching consumer products.

  • Significant experience in developing and managing various B2C, specifically eCommerce, marketing campaigns.

  • An understanding of website development is an asset.

  • An understanding of human biomechanics is an asset.

  • Enthusiasm for lifelong learning, problem-solving, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Strong interpersonal skills to work well within a collaborative team environment.

  • Awesomeness. That’s right, you’d better be awesome.


Perks and Benefits: 

Embrace offers flexible schedules, stellar baked goods, and mediocre opponents for a game of darts. Our office often has music, dogs, and plenty of laughs. Our team loves to ride bikes, catch fish, and build cool sh*t (like wicked apparel, custom motorcycles, paddleboards, fishing rods, and whatever else we can dream up).


As a full-time employee at Embrace, you will be eligible to receive a health spending account to cover healthcare costs such as MSP premiums, dental, vision care, RMT and more. You will also receive additional insurance to cover medical expenses while traveling.


Still excited? Awesome. Send us an email at! Please include a resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re excited and why you’re a great fit for our team.


051 - 2366 Main Mall

Vancouver, British Columbia

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