See how we're turning heads and bringing enjoyment back to activity. 

You spoke up. We listened.

We are creating the perfect knee brace for you: One that fits right, stays in place, and provides the support you need. 

You want it? We're working on it.

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What We're Building

Embrace Orthopaedics is building braces people want to wear, that feel so natural, they forget they're wearing them.


We are providing the perfect balance of comfort, support, and affordability for active individuals in need of pain relief and improved stability.


Superior Fit

Integrated Support


Bringing the focus back to your activity, not your pain

Adjustability and mapped compression for a superior fit

Anatomical support for improved joint mechanics

Putting money back in your pocket for the activities you love

"We are completely focused on building support products people want to wear - that feel so natural, they forget they are wearing them."

How We're Better

Currently, there are three standards of orthopaedic braces: rigid braces, flexible braces, and compression sleeves

All of these options can cause discomfort and require constant attention, resulting in lack of use and increased risk of injury.

Current solutions either limit range of motion or are poorly fit, limiting a person's abilities.

Athletes and enthusiasts have come to expect that no solution will meet all of their needs.

We believe that by providing a brace that redefines these expectations, users will be able to bring their attention back to their activity, not their pain.

Why We Care


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